About us

Mission & Values

“To provide the best value for customers in developing their products, services and businesses where heat exchange is the key factor”.

After over 60 years as supplier of custom heat exchangers for the main industrial and HVAC players in Europe and worldwide, we want to persist to grow our expertise and skills that, together with a strong focus on reliability and preciseness, are our more valuable strengths that make us the right partner for heat exchangers engineering and delivery for the most disparate industries.

Believing that a business-to-business relationship can be successful and durable only if it is direct and sincere, we are committed to develop trust and understanding with our partners by being open and collaborative at any business stage and trying to make them feel FACO as their preferred out of the door heat exchangers supplier, worldwide.

Our History

The 60’s

In the booming Italy of sixties, two brothers decide to embark on an industrial challenge: in 1963 Dante Dalla Rosa founds in Sesto Calende the “Fabbrica Apparecchiature per il Condizionamento”, the F.A.CO.

Soon, he is followed in the adventure by his younger brother Ivano.
Dante has a long experience in production management within
companies that deal with heating and air conditioning; Ivano is a
designer of motorcycles and engines at the racing team of MV Agusta.

The organizational and technical experience of each of the two
complements the one of the other. In 1967, the company moves to the current premises in Varallo Pombia. F.A.CO. soon becomes the
specialist in HVAC heat exchangers, built to order and personalized.

The 70’s

A pioneer among small businesses, in 1970 F.A.CO. boosts the process of computerization, buying the first computers, both for company management and for the thermodynamic calculation.

Meanwhile, development continues in the HVAC heat exchanger
industry, where F.A.CO. becomes the Italian leader.
The 80’s With the appointment of Silvio Balzanelli as Commercial Manager, the internationalization process of F.A.CO. is launched, through the creation of a commercial network that in the following years would lead the company to excel also in Europe in providing tailor-made heat exchangers.

The company also begins to turn to the industrial sector and to specialist applications, with the participation in the supplies for the Italian nuclear power plant program and, more in general, in those for the naval and electro-mechanical industry.

The company’s own laboratory for thermodynamic investigations is set up according to ASHRAE standards, at that time a unique installation in Europe for a private company.

The 90’s

The export share is now reaching the 75/80%, with sales throughout Asia and Africa as well as across Europe. Growing attention is given to the industrial sector, with the development of the manufacture of heat exchangers of peculiar design, with special materials such as Copper-Nickel and Stainless Steel. Thanks to its own laboratory, in 1992 F.A.CO. obtains the certification of the performance of its heat
exchangers by AHRI.

The 2000’s

In year 2000, a revolution is started: after years of laboratory tests, the P40 geometry, later to become the industry standard for 5/8″ coils, is first developed introduced on the market by F.A.CO. and immediately certified by the then ARI.

Heat exchangers for the industrial sectors and for process applications become a more and more important asset within the portfolio of the company: therefore, F.A.CO. becomes the plain FACO, no longer an acronym, thus indicating that the company does not deal just with air conditioning.

The production of heavily customized designs of dry coolers and air-cooled condensers for special applications is also launched, a segment where FACO can pour its consolidated expertise in heat exchange and its design and production flexibility.

The in-house engineering capabilities are enhanced by hiring new professionals and by investments in computational tools and advanced design software, thus letting FACO be able to serve the most demanding sectors, as the energy, nuclear and petrochemical ones.


With almost 60 years of history, a strong and widespread corporate identity among the 180 employees, a consolidated technical expertise and 12,000 square meters of factory buildings and o ces, FACO is an industry leader of the industrial, HVAC and process heat exchangers, open and ready to take up new technological challenges.


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